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  2. Guys, you see this? are seeds of these https://semillasbaratas.com/es/semillas-autoflorecientes/autoflorecientes-a-granel/, for now they go very well what do you see, are ak 47 auto
  3. From the album ak 47 auto

    ak 47 auto
  4. haven't GWP got a 99% thc plant they've patented.? i can't believe no-ones got in there to get some clones.. yet..
  5. Another happy customer here. Picked up my light on Friday (would never have found it without directions, and i’ve lived only a few miles away for 50 years and must have driven past hundreds of times lol). Had a good chat and a brew and came away with something that is way better built than anything that I could have done. A really neat and tidy build. Got 3x Samsung 2’ double row strips on a hlg-120-48a. Bought to replace my diy led lightbulb grow light that was about 7” height in total, the new strip light is only 1” high! In a cabinet that is only 32” HIGH IN TOTAL, that is a massive space saving. Temps are roughly 5-6c lower than the bulbs, heatsinks aren’t even warm to the touch! I have put a pc fan blowing down to try and warm the plants up, and might even have to put the driver inside the cab to raise the heat, the lights are that much more cooler than the lightbulbs. Will be fantastic in summer! Did the old ‘look at this when i turn it on’ trick to the wife....... turns out our settee is quite comfortable to sleep on overnight. Also turns out she can call me names/swear for over a minute without repetition or pauses. Tried to upload some pics but having problems resizing on my phone. Will try and upload some tomorrow when i can get on a pc.
  6. It should be quite a dry and very rich curry as the beef absorbs the sauce hence the reasoning to cook uncovered. Yes the sugar is a must really at the end but as like growing, you get better with a few attempts. I like to reduce down to a thick consistency and it can be served with a cucumber salad but there are no rules to say you can't leave a bit of sauce for dipping. Cooking curries from scratch is a labour of love and I love to do it this way. By the way it's a 36 mile round trip for us to get Asian supplies. We go once a month for stocks. Kashmiri Chillies are great as they add gentle heat and a rich red colour. Great work though Capt.
  7. It was like this
  8. A lot better than my 3 (yes 3) parabolic shades that all went within 2 years of each other with the same fault as yours by the sound of it. Won't name the brand, but it put me off of parabolic shades for life.
  9. I watered half of plants yesterday with EC: 1,3 (Firstly mixed water with CalMag to get 0,4 then added nutrients) , sick plant get heavy run off. I give u update today when the lights switch on again. I set up temp for night on 21 C. Thats my first time in 23l pots, maybe you are right and they are far too big but I like experiments. I know this strain very well, and tbh I always have a problem with them in veg They always looks not the best in veg and then after switch on flower they grow monsters Last grow in DWC without any training gave me about 40oz from 6 plants. under 4x400w.
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  11. I use allmix and usually get through to flower before adding nutes, but learn how to read your plants and just give what's needed at that time.
  12. Black D.O.G's 48 days from seed trained low due to height issues. They have been under more wattage for a few weeks now @HSO-Mark. The growth is rapid and they will prob get up potted from 3.5 liter pots straight into 11 liters later this week and flower them around new year. Does that sound like a decent plan ?
  13. Welcome mate
  14. IMG_20181021_084800.jpg

    From the album where the snow is born

  15. 20181016-083001.jpg

    From the album where the snow is born

  16. 20181016_082811.jpg

    From the album where the snow is born

  17. Honey Badger #6 Day 35 of flower. ( excuse the blurple, i'm working on it )
  18. 20181015_064840.jpg

    From the album where the snow is born

  19. Honey Badger

    From the album Blighty's multi strains

    Honey Badger #6 day 35 of flower.
  20. Black D.O.G's

    From the album Blighty's multi strains

    48 days from seed.
  21. Seems like everything is under control. Keep it up!
  22. Healthy looking plants you got there. Cream Manderine XL is an excellent smoke. Exciting times ahead with the buds now starting to appear. Good luck!
  23. Welcome buddy
  24. Sorry mate but this is bad advice. A contactor and the rcd tripping are highly unlikely to be linked. The rcd tripping indicates an imbalance of over 30 mA between live and neutral - Which indicates an earth fault. The contactor you use is to protect the timer from startup current of the ballast.
  25. Hi guys, Yep I've got a proper digital contactor, It's seems the parabolic's cable is shorting. I measured it with a mutli-meter and it seems fine but as soon as volts are applied pop! It was rated for 1kw but the cable did get warm, I've replaced the core and cabling and its working fine on my 600w bulb. 1kw bulb is cracked inside i'll get a new one ordered. The parra's over 5 years old thats a lot of heat cycles.. thanks for your inputs!
  26. aa-crop-840x699.jpg

    From the album 18

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