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  2. How would you do this? Inside and you lose reflectivity and outside there's the zips and other duct/cable ports to work around. I once had a tent w8th a curtain and it was quite effective. Solid piece of timber on top with a hole for extraction ducting. Then there was a curtain rail around the outside, it was flipped over and thermal curtains would hang around the tent. It was only meant to act as a blackout screen but worked well as an insulator too.
  3. Hello guys,here is some picture of the girls. Looks all good they are growing nicely.
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  12. he is not saying you need calmag, and there is no such thing as a calmag deficiency you need to check your water report for calcium and magnesium levels your plants look good and healthy and dont appear to have any excesses or deficiencies but you can look closer than me. Forget about the ph unless they look "sickly" - lock that ph pen in the cupboard, out of way.
  13. Once it’s formed into a ball try wrapping it in some cellophane as tight as possible and seal it for the cure. Also a drop of water should help bring the powder back to a solid mass then work it for a little in your hands so it becomes soft and malleable then wrap it for a cure. As you are using a trim bin that is 150 microns iirc you will get some plant material this may be why it’s turning to dust again after a dry. Visual example…..
  14. Five hundred quid for a tent? Jesus Christ. You could build something tailored to your own needs for a fraction of that, I'm sure.
  15. Line it with some general purpose thermawrap insulation, it’s supposed to be as good as 15mm PIR. £18 for 7.5m x 0.6m from the station of tools
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  17. Hi all It's hashing time for me, I know how it'll go - after some advice please. I do it via freezer / Trim Bin. Roll it with a bottle of boiled water. It comes out lovely, dark and sticky and smelling gorgeous. I roll it into a ball, as a sausage or as a flat round disc curled into a cylinder / cigar. Give it a month to cure, it become dry, crumbles to dust i.e. not squidgey and delicious. Not as nice as it started. Any ideas or experiences? This could be the ideal result, I don't know for sure but I really doubt it. Thanks!
  18. Yeah, after loving the original and reading several reports - including Jon's - about the post-bust v2.0 I figured it wasn't similar enough to warrant trying for now.
  19. I'm not sure why I went for one with a white interior. I struggle to keep temps up, something to do with the way they reflect light. And I really don't like the way Budbox tents open, too many zips to faff around with and they eventually fail anyway. Timber and insulation is way better imo.
  20. Did a HSO cmog 2.0 diary last spring, see the link below if interested in details. In summary got two females. The smaller cmog grew a really pretty, compact plant with pleasant smell. The high is strong, clear and balanced, calm yet not too narcotic/sleepy. Sophisticated. Works great for disco dancing and stretching. The bigger cmog grew puzzling yellow in the sun leaves, but it did not seem to harm the bud growth much. The high is astral strong, really. With large doses the paranoia is intense and exhausting due being long lasting. Not those easy and fun passing flashes of paranoia in your head as with some "electric" strains, but more like crippling full body anxiety that slowly bulldozes on and on. Perhaps the herb has its uses for extreme introspection, but too exhausting for repeated use. Also builds a massive tolerance like rosin. So all in all an interesting strain. Hope this helps some.
  21. One week later and apart from some bug eating my lil' darling she's recovering nicely...Heat mat installed and now running at full chat giving me 23C root temp. Fan's been turned off for a few days, back on today as I'm terrified of mold. Humidity is WAAAAAAAY down at c40% but that's our current cold snap. Soil has stabilised at 6.8. She seems happy enough at the moment. LST is well underway, and already topped a week ago. Thanks all!!
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    From the album Aurora

  24. …. I thought I was just overly paranoid. Pound for pound perhaps one of the loudest things on earth. Trying to sneak in is a fucker. The only thing louder is a top loading VHS machine receiving a pornographic movie while everyone’s sleeping
  25. That tiny might 2 u got Revive, how big is the chamber how much can it hold. Now I'm not gunna tell u how to vape through it , but it is a funny one to get used too so jus incase your struggling . I find it's best to vape on 356f dor a a few mins or upto a full cycle , when I inhale its like sipping on a hot drink low suction and just inhale upto about 10 seconds really get a slow and steady lung full . After a while you can turn it up for me it's 388f as at 392f you can start to produce benzene and 388f heats it up enough to give a deeper stone I always finish off the bowl with high heat . Even a shorter 356f and a longer 388f cycle or longer 356f and a shorter 388f . When its all spent its looking decarbed. I'm deffo flying after a sativa/leaning bowl and chilled after a few indica bowls. Rip 2 Chambers b2b each bowl spend 5 mins each one constantly train dragging on it . Bet u feel it mush. Anyone else reading this hope it help from my perspective
  26. Nice little haul dude, good stuff Shame about the Malawi
  27. Number 3 Good luck everyone
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