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  2. The ol bamboo cane seems to be popular with albanians...those crop robbers must be a few cells short robbing the albanian,they dont fuck about do they!.
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    From the album Pictures

  4. I thought of this but i like how the fan leaves extend the dry a little bit. Its a pain but im happy gritting through. I want to get into using the cut offs for rosin etc in the future for now all the trim just goes in the blender and then bin. 10 to 15mins man i envy you i was at it for like 2hours on the ami haha hopfully im a bit faster this time. Gloves are a good idea i found the trimming blade got blocked up with what seemed like hash and i had to clean those off about 4 times during the trim. Next grow im going to trim off all the lower plant stuff so im not dealing with shitty popcorn bits come trim. My mate gets all those bit when hes round for a smoke atm
  5. Nope me neither. I give Borat a generous 3/10. I agree with your views on Reality TV in general and I give them all 0/10. Shit TV.
  6. @Shumroom. I'll be following along for the ride. Great selection and set up. I am also running the SAD for the comp. Are you planning on topping them or grow as is?
  7. @Giventofry it’s a bamboo cane with twine tied to it.
  8. Hello everyone, looking to run some ideas past those experienced in loft grows! After having great results with my larder grow fridge in the garage, I thought about going a little bigger in the loft. So here goes. First off apologies for my shite drawing, art was never my thing. Concept The idea is to have a veg room and flower room for a perpetual grow. 12" passive intake drawn from a bedroom cupboard below, through acoustic ducting. Immediately at the inlet in the veg room I plan to build a plywood box with shelves in it. Timber frames with filter material stapled along it to act as drying racks. Plan is to wet trim in a trimzilla and dry in these racks. Out of the rack and past a 1kW oil rad connected to a wall mounted thermostat. Oscillating fan in the corner blowing air across the vegging plants and Mum. Mum will be in soil for simplicity. Wanting to go with DWC in order to negate the need for hand watering and lugging soil up and down the ladder. Thinking of a Oxypot veg v6, veg 6 plants and put the best 4 into flower. Opting for the v6 rather than v4 as it's slightly smaller and even then it's overkill for a 3-4 week veg. May well make my own one instead of having high end gear wasted? Will be cloning and dimming the light to propagate clones. Lighting from none-other than @diyleduk, super impressed with my last fitting. Lumatek Attis 200W? Out the veg space through the top and down to the bottom of the flower space. Thinking of the PVC rectangular trunking for this. Reasonably prices and can fit 90deg bends to make an S shape to ensure no light transfer between the spaces. 8" fan and filter. Fan TBC (recommendations welcome) and definitely a Carboair filter again, they're very good. Lighting will be a Lumatek Attis 300W, I think that should be plenty for 4 plants? Oxypot 4 DWC again. 8" outlet going either to a vent outlet in the eaves, or up the shit pipe depending on length of ducting required. Temps will be automated via a fan speed controller with a temp sensor. Under each DWC I'll have a huge oversized tray to catch any spillages. Both rooms to have 9-12" metal style floor fans for circing air. Both rooms are to have automatic extinguishers fitted in the centre highest point. Will also likely build a thermal cut out (one for each room), which will be linked to a contactor for the mains feed. Temp gets above XdegC, everything shuts down. Construction As seen in my horrendous drawing, the construction will follow the form of most grooms I think. Planning 75mm kingspan between the rafters, 25mm air-gap and then insulated plasterboard. The vertical walls will be 4x2 following the same kingspan/plasterboard arrangement. Tongue and groove chipboard flooring with a layer of soundproofing/glass wool underneath. Small horizontal roof portion will be strapped with plenty batons so I've lots of options for placement of hanging stuff. Both doors will be 18mm ply, insides lined with insulated plasterboard. Probably going to make them reasonably small as to not loose/gain heat from outside the groom. The door frame will have oversized stoppers and weather seal strips to ensure light tightness. Top and bottom door bolt to ensure the door is well closed. Water already exists in the loft from the (now redundant) cold water tank. So a hose can be rigged to the stop cock for filling the DWC reservoirs and the drain overflow used for dumping between changes. Indend on drilling out and fitting ball valves with garden hose connectors on both DWC reservoirs. Then using something similar to a "PYTHON NO SPILL CLEAN & FILL" contraptions to fill and empty when needed. The look really clever and simple. Measurements are approximate, I've not been up there with a tape yet. I have endless amounts of space to use really as it's a bungalow loft. The dimensions are likely overkill, but I'll need room to move around and potentially to navigate a scrog net in the flower room. Although I will likely try with LST first? Power Requirements Lighting 500W max Rad 1kW Exh fan 150W max Circ fans 50W Air pumps 20W Total: 1.72kW, 7.5A The bulk of this wattage is the 1kW heater, in the winter the central heating will be used, so I can't see this being switched on often. Likewise, in the summer it definitely won't be used. So realistically looking at a 3A current draw. There is a 1G socket up there already for the TV signal booster, so I can run a fused spur off that if it's already spurred from a ring final - or even just make it a 2G. Could also run a radial up there if I can be bothered too. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ All advise and input, corrections, etc are welcomed. Totally new to DWC as being a soil grower before hand. It seems the best option AFAIK, but happy to hear all suggestions.
  9. I liked Sweet Thai when I ran it ages ago was lovely . Good luck
  10. “Officers attended and the group had left the area before they arrived. Well there's a surprise. “Police were called at around 4.30am Maybe at 4.20?
  11. update - just checked the plants i sprayed worm casting water onto ..they are all dry now ..and theres lots of what looks like dust but is actually thrips ..dead thrips .. i have to say this is tres interesting ..i shall keep an eye out for any thrippy thangs over the coming days and continue to use this ..i have to do a full clean down soon in prep for the sweet seeds comp ...i think ill spray the tent with mud before i clean it out with some jeyes .. this really might be worth checking out on vegging plants ..handful of worm castings in a spray bottle ..shake n spray on leaves ,soak them top n bottom ..
  12. Not my kinda thing, to be honest. I think with the rise of 'reality TV' (that isn't fucking real at all, just narcissists in scripted situations like sitcoms with even worse acting than usual) and celebretard culture (and Donald fucking Trump) has kinda made Sacha Baron Cohen's kinda schtick pointless and irrelevant. It's like trying to point out that someone's a fucking idiot when they're already wearing a T-shirt with an "I'm a fucking idiot." logo on, waving an "I'm a fucking idiot." banner and singing "I'm a fucking idiot." We're witnessing the decline of modern civilization and I don't really think it needs commentary by Borat, you just need to look at Twitter for 5 minutes. Then go and drink yourself into oblivion
  13. These days I put a pair of rubber gloves on and using my fingers I pluck all the large & small fan leaves off as soon as I chop. They snap nicely whilst they're still turgid. I then cut all the small fan leaves on the popcorn buds (usually just the bottom set) and then trim all the bits of fan leaf poking out (sometimes saving those bits for rosin press). Doing it this way I can get through a plant in about 10-15 minutes. The gloves really help as getting sticky fingers is a pain in the arse. No way could I let it hang and dry like you have - the trimming would kill me! I know there's a little to be said about the way you do it but I'm not convinced the benefits outweigh the cons!
  14. Half way through Borat and I need a break man. WTF. Jaw dropping madness. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Might give second half a miss unless any one can give it some kind of thumbs up for me. Jaw dropping and cringe worthy up to now.
  15. @WeeBakey you can go on my profile and select "topics started by" and "posts by" I think. Bear in mind ive been here over a decade and ive made 8000 posts. If your reading topics where I have relevant info, I usually chime in so your no doubt gonna come across the psts in whatever threads your looking in regards autos. Im sure you will find the diary usefull on its own as it will cover most, if not all relevant questions. All the best mate
  16. Sounds like he was re-enacting the final scene from The Conversation
  17. There is going to be a lot of plants coming along here, I'm going to keeping a close eye as I'm yet to run anything from Sweet Seeds. Good luck with the new set up, I can't wait to see what I can upgrade to!!
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  19. Stories like this highlight how far behind we are.
  20. Well if the weed wont make you paranoid enough to smash your house up that poison will
  21. Just because some corrupt politicians banned it aeons ago doesn’t make it morally wrong to consume it. Why the fuck would anyone who enjoys putting this plant resin into their bodies engage in using professionals to address their use? That’s the dumbest shit.
  22. Sir, i shall take heed of your sig for sure! I'm not going to lie, I've seen a few people say you are the man in the know when it comes to autos but I struggle to find your posts Is their a way through your profile i can find them? Thanks and sorry for being so stoopid.
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    From the album peyote wifi under led

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    From the album peyote wifi under led

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    From the album peyote wifi under led

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