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  2. You put a toilet roll tube over 1 branch for 12 hours for a few days and just that branch will show sex apparently, But yeah hopefully I’ll get obvious preflowers so I don’t have to try that
  3. Do you mean no fans as no extraction and intake? Or no fans moving air inside the tent? Was the ballast inside or outside the tent? Could you also provide the operating time of this experiment?
  4. Have you a link to the diary?
  5. Weed shouldn't be illegal in the first place but we all know that anyway. Imagine though being a doctor who's job it is to provide health care. Wanting to deny people the possibility of that because you feel it may lead to people just smoking a joint. Even if your against weed surely your first thought it sick people getting the help they need. Bit like the saying, better a guilty man walks free than one innocent man is sent to prison. Doctors aren't stupid, more chance of them being greedy. Think we all know why they've came out and said this.
  6. lildaveham

    Stop thinking and just do something! :yinyang:

  7. Thanks farmer g
  8. 18/5. 50 days old and current feed is 1.7ml coco a+b, .25ml rhizo, 1.25ml cannazym and 1.5ml boost all per ltr water which gave me an Ec of 1.4 and Phd to 5.6. 20/5. 52 days old and new feed is stronger due to a lot of yellowing/light green colour of plants which im assuming is deficiencies so new feed is 1.9ml coco a+b, .25ml rhizo, 1.25ml cannazym and 1.8ml boost. Which gave me an Ec of 1.4 and Phd to 5.7. I will keep increasing the feed if plants don't darken up abit in colour cause I think it has to be deficient of mainly a+b cause its not a salt build up or a Ph problem as far as I can work out anyway. Lights 24hr 600w hps about 23inch away. Feed temp 19dc. Tent temp 22-28dc. Humidiy 40-50% Oh and my apologies to the sweet seeds team for not getting the diary finished in time I probably should of got abit more experience before signing up for a competition but much appreciate the chance Sweet Gelatos Sweet Cheeses
  9. Fucking hell @zug 5 plots ! Aliens must smoke alot?
  10. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/medicinal-cannabis-campaigner-devastated-by-doctors-comments-1.3898136 Medicinal cannabis campaigner Vera Twomey has said that she was “devastated” to read the comments of doctors in Monday’s Irish Times who criticised “the one sided debate on cannabis”. Ireland is “sleepwalking” into the legalisation of cannabis on the back of a campaign of misinformation about the drug, claim doctors who have set up a new group to campaign against liberalisation. They said they are treating ever-growing numbers of patients suffering a range of side effects caused by the drug. Ms Twomey is calling for a balanced approach to the issue. She said she had to fight for two years to get medicinal cannabis for her daughter Ava Barry who has severe epilepsy. “She’s at school today, she’s thriving, she hasn’t been admitted to hospital in two years. Now she’s having a life free of pain.” It was very “very distressing” to see doctors “coming out and talking about Trojan horses”, she told RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke. “Decriminalisation and ‘medicinal cannabis’ campaigns have proved to be effective Trojan horse strategies on the road to full legalisation and commercialisation elsewhere,” the doctors say in a letter published in The Irish Times today. People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny, who drafted the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Bill, described the letter from the doctors as “extraordinary” and said that some of the language used was “an insult for people campaigning for access to medicinal cannabis”. In The Irish Times on Monday Dr Ray Walley, a GP in Dublin’s north inner city, said: “I’m concerned about the dishonest debate out there. Society, politics, the medical fraternity, too – we’re sleepwalking into this. The only place you read about cannabis now is in the business sections.” However, Mr Kenny said that his Bill is not about reckless use, “this is about medical access. Some of this stuff (in the letter) is highly charged.” He said he agreed with concern expressed about corporations getting involved in the production and sale of medicinal cannabis. “This is something that should be out of the hands of corporations and in a State company. “Prohibition has failed. Let’s control and regulate and take it out of the hands of unscrupulous dealers. “It is nonsense that it is a gateway drug.”
  11. So it turns out dragons are quite intelligent. Show should have ended there. Someone please tell me how the hell with Jon in jail, a bunch of people managed to form an ad hoc government without Greyworm killing them all first? Also, how did Jaime and Cersei get killed by a mound of rubble which fell upwards and they ended just under the top? And shortest winter ever. Summer is coming.
  12. This is caused by cold night time temps.
  13. Thank you lads...it's been a pleasure to follow some excellent diaries in this comp... ATB PR
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    From the album Grow diary pics

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  16. sweet gelato

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  18. sweet cheese

  19. Today
  20. Day 10 - Had solid roots in the 0.5l pots so transplanted into their final 'auto flowering' pots of 19l with All mix and some compost.. They are loving it outside as it is around 25c atm during the day and they get about 6/7 hours of direct sunlight where they are at the moment, I am pulling them in still at night as temps are dropping to around 14c and it also allows for 24h light cycle whilst in vegetative state: Probably update again in around a week or so.
  21. Plant 4 20th May.jpg

    From the album First time grow

  22. Plant 3 def 20th May.jpg

    From the album First time grow

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