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  2. Had to move some of my pepper plants out of the new grow box as wanted to germ more. So knocked this up ned its only a common led light bulb and sat it next to the radiator they been fine and growing well. Theres 8 pepper plants in there each in their own little square pot. To give u some idea of space the box is about 400x300 add on a bit of space for bulb above and its about 400 high.
  3. I can't agree with that. Every plant I've ever grown has smelt very different when it's half dry to when it was alive or when it's dried/cured nicely. They always have a hint of that grassy smell which I assumed was to do with the chlorophyll breaking down.
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  5. Pipe only here bro, sine 2013. It was difficult to kick the nicotine and hand-to-mouth habit so finding something productive to do with your hands is a good idea. E2a - plus the very occasional blunt - maybe 4 or 5 a year..
  6. @MeMyselfAndIGuerilla I cant clarify on what the Psychosis is...i dont think its NL5XHaze...it could be a genotype but im not certain...i just know in the late 90`s to early naughty`s there was a real nice NL5XHaze clone that was held in the same sort of circles as the skunks...but this was never shared in the same manor...i could only ever grab a penny of it at a time at best...it was super sweet almost like Blues but not...it was a long flower so i am told around 12 weeks maybe more...haven't seen it in nearly 2 decades though. Another one i miss is thee Cherry AK47...it was local to me...i found it more akin to the fruit Lychee instead of Cherry but none the less it was sublime. I have just harvested a plant thats full on red grapes with a hint of skittles in the back ground...exciting Farmer G
  7. Morning gents. Another quick couple of questions if you guys don’t mind. So I’ve got most of my photo holes dug out now (40 of the f*ckers). I’ve dug them out to around 30 - 40 litres some are more than that too. I’m going to go with approx 30% Coco, 30% Multi Purpose Compost, 30% onsite soil and 10% Worm humus. I’m also going to dust the smaller hole that I plant in with Q4 Rootmore and add a handful of alfalfa pellets. Does this sound ok to you guys? Have I got my percentages right? Second question is about auto holes. Do I need to dig them out as big as 30 - 40litres or would a 10 - 20litre hole do? I would also use the same mix as above for my autos unless anyone has any advice on my soil mix. thanks again guys your input has been very much appreciated.
  8. Just run your lights 24hrs. No need for darkness. If your air temp is only 21c your soil may be on the cool side - some bubblewrap around the pot will help, and/or heat mat with thermost.
  9. Today
  10. That's good news coz I already bought a bunch of those. Its too difficult to photo. Basically i keep a bunch of guitar and PA kit under the bed in the spare bedroom and my diddly dear wife never touches it. I've made a space behind it all. Hassle to get to but it'll work out ok.
  11. Can you heat and dehumidify the room the tent is in or where the intake comes from? Is there adequate air intake? I had high humidity problems before I increased the amount of intake. A heat mat will help with temps where it really matters down in the roots. I also improved my temps by switching to top down ventilation.
  12. At an educated guess it sounds like salt build up perhaps
  13. nice pic @Green Machine
  14. back in the game
  15. The weather is deffo having an affect on plot prep. Got up early to do a compo drop off but just looked out the window and it looks bloody freezing out there so another coffee and a smoke theres always tomorrow.
  16. currently running 1 autoflowering strain that is about 6 weeks done so has about 2 left humidity is around 60% and temp 21c with lights on but i get around 80% humidity lights off and temp is around 18c, i am running lights 18/6 and extractor fan on 24hrs a day I was thinking of getting a 60cm 120w tube heater with the hope that it will raise the temps a lot and keep humidity down or do you guys know of any better solutions that don't break the bank? i tried putting a small dehumidifer in the tent but it doesn't do anything, probably because such a high air exchange rate tent is only 50cm x 90cm. thanks for the help.
  17. Good morning one and all. I'm back with good news and unexpected news. So after a painful month watching the girls I started with suffer ive finally made the decision to fuck them off for this grow and focus my efforts on the 5 clones I've got growing. They are in much better health and growing rapidly now. They struggled a little bit in starter pots, plus they were part of my detective work with the light so they got scorched a bit but since going into 1l pots they have flown and continue to do so. So I've lost a month. Not the end of the world. It has put my schedule way off but these things happen. I've moved the jacks, amnesias and the one db x big j plants under my t5 unit. Ill take cuttings and run them next round The good news is that we are back where we should be with healthy plants that are starting to get a move on and enjoying the light. My cacti are loving it. The pups are growing like crazy. So I highly recommend the light for cacti growing if nothing else So, on with the update. We will pick up on Friday as I was potting up. Ignore the slightly droopy plant. They were all ready for a drink as I was potting on. Heres the new lineup Super Silver Haze Super Silver Haze(both clones from a special mum, real deal ssh, epic) London Lemon Haze Also LLH (again, both llh from proven parent)ready for a drink And thIs oddly structured girl is am Ice cream cookie dough cutting. I dknt usually run much of this sort of thing but it was gifted and is a keeper from a friend and a few in my circle really rate it so ill give it a whirl As I said. Cacti are going mad! Friday night all potted on Saturday all the girls looking nice and perky and healthy. After a minor bit of bending. All plants have also been topped being clones. So guys. Jobs a bloody good un! Lights are still on lowest setting and staying there for a week or two more. Temos are generally around 25/26 I think the plan is to flower these off in 11l pots. 5x11l should comfortably fill the tent. I'm tempted to flower in 7.5l as 5 would pretty much fill the tent if I need them to but for an extra week of veg for 11l I think it will lbe a little easier to manage and I won't be trying to push 10 oz plants out of 7.5l which is hard going even for me. I think I've waffled enough for one morning. Peace and love one and all
  18. Just throw led in next to hps if you got space, should give some dense nugs.
  19. yes blue meanie was as common as stardawg about a decade ago... didnt realise it wasnt available anymore... might have to find a suitable parent and make some seeds and send them in for the subs
  20. not essential, straight from the tap is fine In regards to top dressing you’re growing notill, you’re gonna see all sorts of stuff, get some worms too btw!
  21. Make topicals , (good on joints n back) vape in ceramic oil cart (iso washed mixed with trim) cook with , loads of uses
  22. We had a pack of cristal paradice and mango on my 2nd ever grow. His plants are full of vigour! We kept a cristal paradice on for years and boy did it produce! It had one of the most pungent odours also! Shame i cant seem to find any pics. Karma has used his leda uno in his breeding recently iirc and he has access to anything he wants....
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  24. thanks guys , I still dunno , was using a 400w dimmed to 250 after heat issues so was thinking that the led might bulk them up a bit in the last few weeks Anybody esle wanna say ,
  25. Yesterday
  26. Thanks man Lol, the bean stalk is because she was stuck in at the back so had to fight for the light. I flipped her when she had just two nodes, it said stretch could be big but that is about 4 times as big as when she started stretching. Its just making me laugh how small her pot is and how ridiculously lanky she is. The tropicanna weed is wonderful though, really different taste compared to any other weed Ive smoked. Like a tropical fruits Wifi OG. Being the first diary comp Ive entered I was only in it for the free seeds, that pink weed in the banner up top was just calling to me. (it kept saying "smoke me you cheap bastard" and I go "I can't afford more seeds", then it'd go "but I look I'm so tasty and pink, you know you want me". I'd be like "I have a years worth already, I can't", "but you know you want me I'm so pretty" . Thank god for this comp) It looks like @AustrianTokerand @ratdogare running away with it. I'll be upgrading the system for the next one so should put up a better fight. I'll also have two bloom areas running so I can pick off of the plants I won't be photographing for the comp and may actually have entire finished plants to show at the end and not just a few branches lol.
  27. Some folks might not realise theres another way to do it so its not chucked in the bin
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    From the album Budshots 2020

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