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  2. @SlimPikins Chopped the passion 31st oct and pineapple chunk 5th nov, both dried and in jars curing.. P.C smells like lemon curd in the jar, passion smells earthy maybe About 18g buds each but this plot is shite for light, especially in late flower Forgot to mention these lot were/are protected from rain Chemdawg#4 still going! Had the least mold and trichs still cloudy so pushing it max a week Funky diesel smell, small but probably nicest looking buds so far
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=20&v=j800SVeiS5I
  4. @panik ? any good suggestions
  5. L.C.H.P. In Propagator

    From the album Lost Coast Hash Plant

  6. L.C.H.P. Seed Pack

    From the album Lost Coast Hash Plant

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    Thursday 17th Nov 2017, Moon’s crescent, Venus and Jupiter.
  8. From the album Miscellaneous

    Venus and Jupiter Conjunction 13th Nov 2017
  9. 5a10196c089c8-VenusandJupiter13thNov.jpg

    From the album Miscellaneous

    Monday 13th Nov 2017, before dawn, conjunction of planets, Venus and Jupiter.
  10. seeds

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  12. UKCheese

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  13. OrangeBud

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  14. OG Kush

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  15. Running out of weed is barely an issue worth the thought, IMHO. Got it, smoke it. Not got it, carry on as usual.. Why is addiction always a negative word? Who do we only use it when speaking about certain things like drugs, sex and gambling? No O2, I die, but no one has ever said i'm addicted to Oxygen. Too much puritanical moralising surrounds this debate. Even pot-heads seem to have swallowed so much of the prohibitionist propaganda they're choking on it.
  16. Agreed and reckon Biggins, Pat and Linda will be round pretty sharpish to sample the Harvest!
  17. Thanks mate @Green demon The net is actually very straight forward man, it's a lot more of a pain with my setup in dwc though in soil it should be plain sailing. I had to install level indicators on the buckets so now I can keep the nute level perfect and these can also be used for emptying the buckets, just bought a cheap hand operated siphon water pump and I will use this to pump fresh nutes into the buckets I noticed something interesting over the past couple of weeks, if I don't take some nutrients and feed from the top of the net pots at least every two days then they don't look happy....... you wouldn't think this would be the case because the roots are sitting in oxygenated nutes If you do go down the recirculating system route in the future man I think with drip feeders installed would be the way to go. The verdict is still out on this fogponic cloner man until I see some root development at the moment I think these cuts are only happy because of the foliar feed, on a good note the fogger device is keeping the nutes in the bucket at a steady 22 degrees I have tried to learn about this whole VPD thing before mate but it just makes my head hurtbe interesting to see how you get on with it. Thanks for swinging by man
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  19. I use Jiffy Pellets nowadays, used to use Root Riot cubes and never had any problems with them, jiffies are cheaper! I fill a sink with water and add a few drops of liquid seaweed. Soak the number of cubes I want for half hour then pull the plug and leave them to drain for an hour in the sink. They should hold enough water to keep a sealed prop' humid for ever. I also seem to recall the cuts usually wilt and look like shit the day before they show roots.
  20. Bobby George is definitely getting a greenhouse grow on next summer
  21. Australian......??......
  22. Changed a few items so finally I went for (a few things changed) 1l air pots 30l big pots plagron bat mix biobizz worm humus vermiculite perlite plagron bat guano biobizz pre mix ecothrive charge ecothrive biosys Xtreme mykos Xtreme Azos Neem fertiliser volcanic dust gypsum Biobizz grow biobizz bloom and plagron light mix for the seeds What do you guys think?
  23. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/warm-home-discount Tenchie
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