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  2. I like to start at around this stage.. Hope that helps you.
  3. I was thinking about the personal info lol. Iv posted things about my street before what car I drive silly things I shouldn't post
  4. This was LST'D and Topped at 7th Node.
  5. Hi mate. That's brilliant what u have done. u can top them now that can help get a wider and more filled out canopy. Next time LST a bout a week earlier. But no harm done. that's gonna do well for you.
  6. No need to remove your post Mate. What you said was Fine. As for Enviroment. I Will get it sorted anyway. Thank you for the concern. Your a chill guy I enjoy chatting with you on here. Don't mean no hassle. Honestly. It's cause ur a hydro guy and I'm a organic guy. If u seen half the shit I did I'm sure u would be much more concerned than with the 32C.
  7. Let us see what they can do
  8. @mikeydoughnut Sounds good to me. Would flush for another 7 to 10 days and take her down when you are happy Could probably have delayed the flush for another week for next time. Starting flush at 56-60 days could have been better. Small differences edit: Usually good practice to add a bit extra time than marketed times for them to finish, unless you get a fast flowering phenotype Enjoy!
  9. Fair enough about Afghanistan. They defo grow them there though. And Mate I know the evironment needs sorting I never disagreed with you on that. What I did say Is no point worrying about it They grow in places with much higher temps. Is 25c - 29c Ideal? Yes. That's perfect. But are they going to Die above that? No mate. Will the yeild be impacted, Yes. Will it be less dense. Yes. Will it be Fine. Yes. Probably half the Commericals down here are going to be in bad nick. You think the fuck about the same way we do? Honestly mate I doubt it.. I am already working on getting enviroment dialed in but as you know It's not instant is it. No bad blood or that I Didn't disagree with you It needs sorting.. But they are fine for the time being. If everything was all shagged Liked the OG mutant is. Then It would be more of an Issue. Would gives a fuck what a Meter says when The actual stuff looks on point? You can't argue with that.
  10. imo ewe aint left it dry long enough properly,try leaving it 2 more weeks next time and stop messing with it,just hang it in a bud drying net / rack.......+ leave it be for 3 weeks but do toss it about / poke it with a stick daily,but dont be to ruff,then your dope will come good,in the dark at about 20 degrees is good. then be prepared to dribble after a bowlful if it smells of hay its not dry properly.
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  13. Well I trimmed a bit a few days ago and dried quickly. Here's the trial smoke. Rolled n ready, see you in the weekend......
  14. @Bushmat Never personally had or seen a need to use them. You can lower and maintain moisture yourself without them. The buds should be stinking/smelly without Boveda if you dried and cured them properly. They might be good for keeping your flowers fresh in the long term, if you plan to store them for a long time. Or if you over dried.
  15. I am fixing the eviroment. Forgot to PM you back about it Last night. Besides. I wouldn't worry about it for now. Look at them ( OG Cookies has seen better days but the rest of them are Perfect. ) They are a brilliant size and look super healthy. I'm chuffed with them. 32C Is not that hot! Plus. That's just above canopy level and I don't use the wee cardboard sheild thing. So it probably reads hotter than what is it. They don't have any heat stress so It's probably that.
  16. Have you ever used Boveda? Are they any good for keeping the smell nice?
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