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  2. stealthy water change complete......just banging the stereo out to cover the noise.....the neighbours in his 20's so he doesnt mind. The E.C and PH dance has begun.....AGAIN... Im gonna need more PK 9-18 now and why I threw out my shooting powder could have used that up on the last week....never mind (was just so pissed about what happened last time I binned everything....the rest was compromised but the shooting powder would have still been good).
  3. I find it hard to believe that a doctor would be using phrases like "A fuck tonne.". But then again I've come across some frighteningly stupid, ignorant doctors in my time, so I guess it's not inconceivable - either he's an idiot pretending to be a doctor, or an idiot who happens to also be a doctor - if it's the latter then I feel sorry for his patients
  4. @zen-ken Gutted I missed this one from the off. Only got back on the site maybe 2-3 weeks back, but will follow along if its cool. Looking smart atm, all the stuff I have seen reading through is the norm with hydro. I've heard folks say hydro is easier than soil once you get right with EC and PH, this isn't true because they are forever fluctuating so have to keep checking and adjusting regular. Biggest piece of advice I can give with what little hydro experience I do have is when in flower keep your equipment well maintained, more specifically calibrate you PH meter weekly at most. But crop is looking good. With a bit TLC and some serious OCD you should get a fair yield in here I think. @badbillybob fully agree with the organics. They do not belong anywhere near a hydro system of any kind IMO. It has just never seemed right having organic nutrients suspended in a nice clean sterile water environment. I tried Rhizotonic early on in RDWC and it made little difference. But 24 hours after mixing in it separated from the water, something the bottle hinted at as being impossible as it is supposedly usable with hydro. It made a right mess and took about 4 or 5 refill and empty's to clean out. A rule I follow now. If its brown it does not go near my RDWC. Clear liquids made strictly for hydro only. GV.
  5. Well......I went in to kens den.....I could here a faint sound...... ken....ken.....ken.....mmmmm strange thinks I....I listen some more......ken.....ken....you know you want me.....Im a filthy whore and you want me dont you.... sorry boys....I gave in to her......added a little cal mag (not much...honest)......she just wouldn't leave me alone.....she kept reminding me of HGK fuck up and I folded like a piece of paper.
  6. cheers mate.... i haddent heard about adding vinigar to the shells before...... i just mix a good half handfull in the soil and pop in the plant so the eggshell dust breaks down gradually and feeds the plant for a longer time ..... i also read somewhere that dry stinging nettles ground into a dust are good for plants too ... " tho i havent tried it as yet " hmmm sounds like i have an experiment in the very near future
  7. Reddit is full of clowns mate. Whatever most claim to be on there, they probably are not. He might have been a pissed off 'incel' associating cannabis with 'normies' so that's why he hates it and trying to spread shit while sounding like a doctor by being all jargon about it. Just ignore it mate. Reddit ain't my kind of forum that's for sure. Proper doctors wouldn't even bother being on reddit I dont think. I have epilepsy so you aren't the only one that could benefit medicinally.
  8. Critical and cider sounds like a good combo mate
  9. What additives, booster or enzymes do you guys reccomend to use with biobizz base nutes... or am i all set to go with only base...
  10. It was a combination of understanding the ecology(?) of nature and seeing people do it successfully with little effort not just on here but nearly every forum or forum equivalent. From what I understand it’s really difficult to under/over fertilise using tea as your not creating salts so nothing is being forced into the plants. Not saying there isnt a under/over feed issue, just saying I think something may be wrong with the initial mix, I remember the bottom of pots was mainly biobizz fertilizer. Maybe too high concentrate. I don’t have that experience so I am trying to gain it now. In the future I want to move to all organic and sustainable, so the way I think about it is the only way I can gain experience and knowledge is by actually doing it. I could use bottles now but when the time comes when I can do bigger pots and move to proper organic using my own inputs I won’t have any experience so will have these problems then. It’s my first grow and just trying to learn the ropes (of the ship I’m trying to sail) plan is now, the ssh which is dead and dying are going to be made into hash. I think a couple of other plants may be affected, so if they’re not developed enough will be hash too otherwise will be chopped early. This also solves the problem of not having anywhere to dry. As I can do it all at once and use the tent.
  11. I've not made rosin but I do have experience with these clamps, and personally I can't see the quick grips giving much more pressure than what you can do with your hands, if any. I suppose they'd be good for sustained pressure and quick release, but I reckon a large G-clamp or sash-clamp would do a better job, as the screw type mechanism gives you real pressure, and control.
  12. Interesting conversation about the difference between supersoil and no till. Super soil is with the intention to reuse and amend by mixing in new stuff. But if ou decide to just top dress instead it becomes no till?
  13. its a never ending learning process, I too find new stuff out every grow. that's why I love it so much I used to use superthrive, but it caused issues with the bud, and its organic to boot. I also never noticed any difference not using it. I don't do organics in my rdwc at all, and all my nutrients are closely checked to make sure there are none in there, as they invariably cause me problems, so I just avoid them. Honestly, I don't know why people over complicate feed schedules with all these addiditives, (90% of which make zero difference in my opinion) all you need are grow, bloom, silicone and pk. I used to buy all the latest stuff, boosters, beneficials, tonics blah blah etc etc, but they simply are not worth the money or the fuck ups I have NEVER had any root issues since ditching the organics, I swear.
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    From the album Super ODG#4 -GSD

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    From the album Super ODG#4 -GSD

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    From the album Super ODG#4 -GSD

  17. Quite a few Nazi war criminals, so I hear....
  18. I nearly sliced the tip of my finger off with the stanley
  19. Well I'm not going to start throwing insults back because I'm not like that and there's already enough of that as it is like you say. I'd just woken up at that point half asleep and was wondering whether that was your own words or was what the so called doc said on another forum. It's obviously the latter so I'm sorry.
  20. Yea used some pliers This is how far i got with the hempy bucket: Im not sure if the hole too big or if its at the right height. I will put coco in the top half and hopefully the roots should find the water and grow in the void, thats the theory. I dunno wether to duck tape the pot so its a bit darker in there, Cheers matey they certainly are tamper proof which can only be a good thing, i still not found a good way of getting the seeds without damaging the vial or block lol.
  21. @vortexHave you You seen this mate?
  22. here is a pic of the 2 x zkittzo's. i have one more of these zkittzo girls that smelt fruity too, the fruity booty pheno# 2 is the smaller girl at the back, you can just make out a few pistils on them. there now reveging a treat under sunlight waiting for my tent to be empty. i fimed all the growth tips again today on the 2 x strains. the sour orange diesels are deffo more sativa like going by how there growing
  23. Hahahaha he's definitely not alone! I made such a mess opening my Green Cracks and Sapphire OG's that I snapped one vial and accidentally lost track of which strain was which, as soon as I'd planted. There was no way they were going back in that wooden block.... Thankfully the plant/leaf structures of both strains were homogenous and different enough from each other that I was able to figure it out a couple weeks after planting some more. There is an instructional in the HSO section for opening them properly, but I'm a hot head when it comes to opening packets so I wasn't about to do a search for that thread when I had a drill within reach. That'll teach me though! Atb with this grow mate, I'll be starting mine as soon as these Malibu Pies are done. In the mean time, I'll pull up my chair.
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