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  2. They are going to drop rapidly over the next couple of years as efficiency is at its limits with current leds. I wouldn't be expecting cheap though. Id expect prices to drop towards £600 for a decent 600w over the next year or so. Price wars will start soon enough.
  3. Bruce Springsteen - No Surrender (from Born In The U.S.A. Live: London 2013)
  4. Jet pac.Was that a c64 game.
  5. Nice one guys Some Footloose IWE being run and frozen plained...it stinks of pure oranges and grapefruits its very very pungent on the nose this one... Farmer G
  6. @Freddy_Freekowtski The discolouration in the lower leaves, rusting leaves are mg deficiency. The twisting at the top is too much calcium. Different symptoms, same problem. Calcium is immobile so you'll see issues on new growth. Magnesium is mobile so it leeches from lower older growth to compensate. Hence two symptoms one issue. Firstly, up the mg, defoliate a touch to improve airflow around the girls too. Too little air movement causes issues with transpiration and nutrient mobility. Maybe up the fan a bit too? Small steps mate but you should see improvement with patience and time. Peace bro
  7. Jet Set Willy on the C64 with the colour chart you'd have to use to for security... No saves either...
  8. Temps are 79f and adjusted feed from advise from here.
  9. I do like the look of them myself, I only seen one up close the other week and they're massive. The shop says it's on introductory offer but it's 850 quid Anyone think this technology is going to get cheaper within the next few years? I'm thinking of waiting it out awhile but i'll think i'll be dead before it gets near sensible prices
  10. Hey people, I piggy backed an old thread with some pics of my girls but they're getting worse so I thought I'd starrt a new one, apologies for spamming but I'm desperate for some advice. I'm aware that I have an issue with my water supply and it's Cal/Mag ratio, which I've taken steps to rectify with advice from Martin at growers Ark and @Oldbear but for whatever reason the issue persists and seems to be worse than ever this time around (It's a persistent issue). Temps are 22/23 lights off 26/27 lights on, humidity is high after watering (around 65/70) but settles at around 50 the majority of the time. First up my Dinafem cheese, she's developed yellowing and spots on the lower fan leaves, and the new growth is twisted and pinched looking. The other girl is a Dinafem OG Kush, she's also developed yellowing and spots, and has the same twisted new growth, although with her I think the new growth seems to be getting a bit better. I've stuck up a pic where you can see the three different types of spotting on the leaves in one pic so you can get an idea of how it is maybe moving up/down the plant... The very burnt looking one at the bottom, the spotty one above and then above that the leaf with the weird burnt tip. Thanks for looking, any help would really be very appreciated Cheers FF
  11. @Exhale If the medium wasn't perma-wet I'd get the DE out. Sharp sand might help. You'll never see perlite in my groom tho, can't stand the stuff. @ukbudz The Hypoaspis Miles were drafted in at the first sign of thrips, wasn't really expecting them to sort the gnats but the population went right down for a while so I thought maybe they had. I thought wrong! Nematodes were my next move. Will check out the Rove Beetle thread Thanks
  12. Hi all posted last week, stated that I had a problem in week 4 took the advice from you guys which I'm always grateful for but im getting worried now as things seam to be getting worse and at a loss on what to do now! Do i just keep going and see how it turns out or do I call it a day on this plant and go back to the drawing board. Here are the latest updated pictures...as always guys thank you...
  13. Hi guys Well the plants have been harvested as of yesterday , big fan leaves taken off and then left to hang for a dry trim in a couple of weeks. Really happy with how everything has turned out and there did seem to be a lot of flower there for 720w so will be interesting come dried and manicured to see what the actual figures where....never been to bothered about weight to tell you the truth as long as the quality is there and man o man the quality is there....these Scopes seem to have done the biz indeed... Bit of a photo dump now guys as i was playing around with different lenses and light exposures Footloose... Lemon Lime Pie... So thats it for this cycle under the Scope V2 220w fixtures and so far with what i have seen im super happy with what they have thrown down...im sure once i have them turned the correct way the light distribution will be far better and consistent. Great fixtures @diyleduk Thanks for looking folks Farmer G
  14. @Dr feelgoodfeelgood mate, sounds like I'm on track to get them done in time then. Also good to see they'll keep stretching through flower - if I can get them to finish I want a decent yield. I'm on 11/13 from the start, going to go 10/14 in late September if needed. Looks like I've got some pistils as well - found a set on the smaller one last night plus what looks like a male preflower on the other one. Happy days if I'm right - just need to confirm tonight and pot up if so P.s. don't know why it's repeating your name, I tried to delete that but it just spammed two lines of feelgood each time so it's got to stay
  15. You haven't played a game untill you have played horace goes skiing on the zx spectrum that and potty painter was my childhood gaming upgrading later to commodore c16 +4 then to a Sega master system which was the best Xmas present ever
  16. og5.jpg

    From the album Rusty girls

  17. They're goading us for sure. This is the state equivalent of the ol' finger in the air while chanting naa na na naa na. How many millions did GW Pharma last quarter? 80? 100? I'd protest the injustice of it all, but I'd rather those in power dig their own grave. En masse we're a docile bunch. I guess this is how dictatorships take over, we just bend over and take it. No changes to the obvious flaws in hemp laws either, the system is fubar.
  18. Thanks for the info. The reason I asked about the Maxibright is that Greens sell them and together with their excellent customer service I am able to pay cash for the goods, so there is no record of any transaction on my accounts. My current grow is only 5 days into flower, so I'll wait until the next grow in a couple of months before I use one of these LED's. I haven't taken them seriously until now and I need to read up quite a bit before I start using one.
  19. 5th week

    not looking good
  20. 5th week

    not looking good
  21. Week 4 flower Dooohhhh Gone Hermie on me! Showing now signs of stress and no environmental stresses or light leaks. She has suffered a split stem and cable ties digging into stem for repair. I'm taking responsibility but might be worth noting for you guys @Sweet Seeds Apolo
  22. Homegrown Dinner...

    From the album New beginning...

  23. Lemon Lime Pie

    From the album New beginning...

  24. Lemon Lime Pie

    From the album New beginning...

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