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  3. Buenas! This edition of the contest is now over. The winners will be announced in the next few days, stay tuned And good luck for everyone tommy
  4. Hi Sickboy! Nice to read from you, hehehe, long time no see Try and get a way to photograph your plants because maybe we will repeat the grow diary competition starting in about 1 month or so. I'm not sure yet but I think we will do it All the best and sweet smokes! tommy
  5. Hi zimmer! Thanks for the late small smoke report I hope you enjoyed growing and smoking them. Come back in a month or son because maybe by then we have another competition running (I'm not sure yet but I have good expectations that our bosses will decide to repeat the competition this season). Kind regards, tommy
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  7. I can understand people buying exotic imported hash for a high price every now and again as a treat. There is no local equivalent. Not weed though.
  8. Annoying they are, I used to lie stickies across the rims of the pots, just above the the compost. The adults head to the compost to breed, the larvae feed off the roots, then head to the foliage and buzz up your nose and head back to the compost to breed, etc. They rarely cause any problems but they are bloody annoying!
  9. Late reply but im just smoking the last of the Black jack, awesome is the word Blues was my fav till now but this takes it. Perfect mixed hybrid,lovely head high to start and comfertable backend I forgot the Taste omg how could i forget that. Its like the finest haze you will ever taste The Ice cool and Cream 47 where very tasty also. Sweet Seeds rock,everyone of those seeds sown germinated with no problem and made very vigorous growth 10/10 Atb Zimm
  10. Its possible that the compost is too hot, it seems everything else is ruled out..it does look like the compost is quite compact?or is it just the way the pics look. I used to use ilght mix to start, then pot up into mostly batimix or with a mix of both. If you do re pot and its just a lite mix, i still wouldnt worry about feed for a couple of weeks, let the roots search/grow and use the nutes in the soil..i find less feed is more early on.
  11. Day harvest - Power Africa x MK Ultra FAST (faster pheno) - DAY 49 RUNNING 12/12 - grown under HPS during spanish HOT summer (30-40 c°)
  12. PA x MK 45.jpg

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  13. PA x MK 47.jpg

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  14. 59c99e9e2e144-PAxMK48.jpg

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  15. 59c99e9e2e144-PAxMK48.jpg

    From the album Multi Strains Seedsman

  16. Been a while since I've posted anything in the OD section. Thought it be nice to take pictures of this years plot and post it in here. Nothing much, just a few plants this season. Weather has been sub prime during the past few weeks. Lost an entire Purple maroc to rot and blue cheese didn't make it either. All the others are looking fine though. Very little mold on the other Purple marocs thank god. Here another PM head bud - much bushier pheno Old faithful (purple maroc) and mold free One of Purple Maroc i chopped today (maybe 10% mold) and the bluecheese next to it. Won't be smoking any BC this year... Black Jack FV - really hoping for a nice october as she probably needs another 3 weeks Sweet Special is looking really well with no budrot at all. The weather forecast is ok for rest of the week until it changes during the weekend to cold and wet. This means I'll be chopping most of them before the weekend and leaving the Black Jack and one of the Purple maroc which is lagging behind until mid october. Hope you all had a decent season so far.
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  18. I did not grow the original c99 but I thought the 're release was very good. I had 9 females out of 12 seeds. 6 tropical fruit, medium height genos, 2 squat rotting pineapple/babysick genos and a hazey geno that smelled like lilt. Largest returns on extracts I have ever seen and very easy to grow. Not quite enough variation for my liking but I clue is in the name I suppose.
  19. yes finally mastered it thanks prophet thanks very much. These r my plants do they look healthy to u guys any comments welcome
  20. Week 4 of flower pics

    From the album bigstaines pics

    These r my plants
  21. Right click image and open with paint. resize to 30% and save
  22. its keeps sayin my photo is to big and im no boffin on computers can u help prophet
  23. Day 42 Day 1 of flower They've filled out nicely over the last week so I've flipped them into 12/12. I've left the 942 bulb in for now and will swap to the agro bulb in a week or two.
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